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Salmon with Tapenade
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, which means that salmon has long been a staple of my diet. This baked salmon dish is a family favorite. The richness of the salmon pairs exceptionally well with the bright, acidic, and briny tapenade.....

Salmon Curry
Salmon Curry is a recipe I created to offer an alternative for family members who no longer eat meat but love curry. Using coconut milk give a nice creamy sauce without using heavy cream or butter..... 

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Sweet ​Sriracha ​Salmon
​​I have tried out many salmon marinades and I usually just throw together pantry items with garlic and ginger. I change the recipe each time I make it and never write down what I added....

Tuna and White Bean Salad
​​As I’ve mentioned before, I take my lunch to work most days.  Occasionally I’ll pack leftovers from earlier in the week, but I usually prep my lunches on Sunday afternoon.... 

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Fish Stew
This fish stew recipe is quite simple, but the balance of flavors is truly incredible....

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