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We are a mother, daughter, aunt/cousin team bound by family ties and a passion for cooking. We use food to tell stories, build memories, and preserve our North Indian heritage.

We started this blog as a way to share our favorite recipes with each other and our communities. At the outset, none of us knew a thing about blogging or food photography.  We quickly realized that it’s not enough to have ideas for content. A great blog also requires learning how to create a site, how to format recipes, and (most importantly!) how to photograph food. It’s been a journey, but despite the learning curve and the many miles separating us, we have created a space that we are proud to share.

About Our Plates:

Our plates are a snapshot of what we eat.  On the site you’ll find the type of tried and true Indian recipes that only made it online after we chased behind our mothers and grandmothers with measuring spoons and a kitchen timer, because they cooked by intuition alone. You’ll also find our twists on trends of the moment (we’re looking at you, kale salad) and examples of the weeknight workhorses we use to feed the people we care about most. Our plates are comforting, unpretentious, and a window into our daily lives. We are so excited to share them with you.

Meet Our Family

Surinder is a Canadian living in Nashville, an empty-nester, and a wine snob. Her plates are healthy-ish (with a emphasis on the ish) and eclectic. When planning to entertain six or eight she has a habit of cooking enough to feed twelve or fourteen. The menu starts off simple, but ends up looking more like a multi-course tasting menu, designed to meet everyone’s dietary tastes and restrictions. Her lazy day dinner is Indian-spiced scrambled eggs.
Rauvin is a budget-conscious, pescetarian, twenty-something. Her plates are vegetable-focused and usually for one, so she’s always trying to think of creative ways to repurpose leftovers or get extra mileage out of her freezer, which she stocks like she’s a midwestern soccer mom. Her lazy day dinner is toast with hummus, garlicky sauteed greens, and a soft-boiled egg on top (or, on an even lazier day, something out of the freezer).
Susan is a Toronto-local, a mom and wife with a daughter in high school and a son in University, and a family with diverse and individual tastes. Her plates are focused providing her family with a balanced meal while also managing their different palettes and preferences. Her kitchen superpower is the ability to repurpose refrigerator odds and ends into quick, composed, recipe-free meals. Her lazy day dinner is (of course) pasta made with kitchen staples, like a simple garlic and lemon spaghetti with LOTS of parmesan.